Joining our trusted community at Redeeem means you gain access to many advantages over other gift card marketplaces and P2P exchanges.

Higher trust

Our community is built on Trust. We use "Trust Ratings" to help us resolve disputes faster, cheaper and more objectively. Trust Ratings are calculated out of 100 and reflect overall seniority and trustworthiness.
To see your trust rating, click here.

Lower fees

Redeeem charges 50% lower fees than the largest US gift card exchanges, so we can have higher liquidity in the market and offer more favorable rates for buyers and sellers.

Sellers set rates

Sellers set their own rates (like eBay) and buyers take it or leave it. Sellers can adjust their rates at any time to help their cards sell faster. We now trade over 30 different brands.

KYC is required

Most of our users come through referrals, and all buyers and sellers are required (eventually) to verify their identity using the fast and efficient Civic Mobile App, which usually takes just a few minutes.

Earnings in USD

Sellers can protect their profits better on Redeeem because margins are calculated in USD. You are not at risk for crypto price fluctuations until you convert and withdraw earnings into Bitcoin.

Dispute resolution

We take great pride in our dispute process. Instead of name calling in a chat room, disputes are handled in a more fair and orderly manner at Redeeem. We request detailed photo and video evidence from the buyer and take Trust Ratings into account when awarding disputes.

Affiliate program

Each friend you refer to Redeeem, you can earn 1.00% of their total trading volume, paid nightly in bitcoin. This is perhaps the highest paying affiliate program in the entire gift card industry.

24/7 live chat

Customer support is available 24/7/365, same as trading hours. Our concierge team will even upload your cards and receipts for you.