Verify Your Identity

In order to protect our community at Redeeem, we require all buyers to verify their identity before buying gift cards. You must submit two (2) photos to us before you can start buying gift cards on the site.

Take Two (2) Photos

  • 1. Take a closeup photo of your driving license or international passport.

  • 2. Take a selfie of you holding that same license or passport with piece of paper containing the word "Redeeem" (three e's) with today's date.

Email Both Photos

Please email your two (2) photos to customer support with the subject line "KYC Document" and a brief introduction about yourself.

Helpful Reminders

  • 1. Your face and head must be unobstructed (no hats, sunglasses, etc).

  • 2. Your license or passport must be in the same photo as the paper.

  • 3. All text must be in focus and be clearly legible.

Once verified, you can start buying gift cards right away.