Redeeem allows you to buy discounted Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy gift cards instantly using Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. We recommend the CoinPayments payment gateway over BitPay because they release your RGC codes 6X faster than BitPay, but both gateways are acceptable and cost 0% fee.

1. Select bitcoin gateway

Add a Redeeem Gift Card for any amount to your cart and checkout using CoinPayments. Redeem Gift Cards are required to buy Amazon Gift Cards on the site.

BitPay Options

2. Send bitcoin to address

You can use CoinPayments with any any bitcoin wallet, including the BitPay wallet. Click the highlighted amount to open your desktop wallet app or send funds (plus fees) to the specified bitcoin address manually.

BitPay Options

3. Confirm payment

BitPay will deduct mining fees automatically, which you can update in settings. Once your payment has been sent, RGC will be emailed to you after 1 confirmation on the blockchain.

BitPay Options