Removing PayPal To Focus On Bitcoin

Removing PayPal To Focus On Bitcoin

Written by Michael

Our vision has and will always be to build a fast, safe, secure cryptocurrency trading platform and today we're making the announcement that we'll be removing PayPal as a payment method and doubling down on Bitcoin.  

Maintaining PayPal has been a challenge for our team, as it divides our engineering, support, and marketing resources, and generally moves us in the wrong direction. We believe that the future of our world is a decentralized digital economy and it's our passion to help accelerate that reality through Redeeem, and that's why we're focusing 100% on helping people adopt cryptocurrency.

The great part about Bitcoin on Redeeem is that there are NO FEES, it's faster, and there's no risk of PayPal holding your money. This is effective immediately, and PayPal will be unavailable for the foreseeable future.

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