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10 Reasons Redeeem Is The Best Gift Card Trading Platform

Written by Pray

As a trader we know that you are looking for company that is reliable, has lots of traders, is safe, great rates, and great support. Here at Redeeem, our core mission is to create the safest digital peer-to-peer trading platform.

At Redeeem we offer the following advantages...

1. MOST TRUSTED BUYERS - Our support team has an open live chat, we run identity checks and talk to our traders often to understand why they are trading so we can screen for good traders.

2. SET YOUR OWN RATES - You are your own boss when it comes to setting your rate. We have recommended rates posted but unique to Redeeem you can edit your offer once it's listed to sell faster or make more on your trade.

3. KYC PROGRAM - We maintain an honest community of traders, most come through referrals and every user at Redeeem will need verify their identity using the industry leading CIVIC KYC (know your customer) Application. 

4. ADVANCED DISPUTE PROCEDURE - Admins of Redeeem list a couple of factors to consider when deciding for a dispute. Trust Ratings, Buyer's Video Recording and Seller's Explanation are some of the major factors we consider when investigating disputes.

5. STABLE EARNINGS - Each card traded will be held in bitcoin pegged to the USD as a Seller, so price fluctuations are not a risk. Once you withdraw to your Wallet it becomes BTC - that's what we call stability.

6. OPEN 24/7 -  There's nothing better where you can talk to a live person on customer support all day, all night! We are just one chat away and we love what we do and love chatting with you!

7. AFFILIATE PROGRAM (1%) - Please take note that our Affiliate Program runs for a lifetime. You can earn 1% of their total trading volume, paid nightly in bitcoin. It's easy recurring revenue! This is a great way to earn passive income! Check out the affiliate page for your link.

8. WE HEAR YOU - It is part of Redeeem's Culture to always hear out all our users. We are very open reading feedbacks, suggestions, improvements, policy adjustments and many more. We want to build a community built by its users voices and we really do want everyone to be successful here.

9. CONCIERGE PROGRAM - Our live web chat is available to assist you on uploading your cards directly on your account. You just have to send the files and set rate, and we will do the rest for you! How amazing is that?!

10. SAFE TRADING WITH SCREEN-RECORDING - All our buyers are asked to use Loom Application as their screen recorder from the time they choose cards up to when they redeem to their accounts. This is highly effective in the case of a dispute with a seller to show your honest trading.