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Welcome to Redeeem, your trusted peer-to-peer gift card exchange.

Redeeem is a fast, safe and easy way to buy and sell gift cards using cryptocurrencies. Save 20% or more on Amazon, Walmart, eBay and dozens of other brands.

How it works

Immediate Delivery.

Load your account with Redeeem Credits, buy your gift cards, then claim your codes instantly. Your credits never expire and remain pegged to USD.

1. Buy Credits

Convert over 20 different cryptocurrencies to Redeeem Credits at 0% fee (non-reversible).

2. Buy Gift Cards

Claim gift cards from Amazon, Walmart and 30 other retailers at up to 30% discount or more.

3. Release Bitcoin

You have 30-60 minutes to redeem or spend the gift card. If the card is valid, you can close escrow.

Large screen Sell cards
Small screen Buy cards

Crypto to Gift Cards

We accept over 20 different cryptocurrencies.


You only need a desktop or mobile device. Not a bank.

We are available to users in 200+ countries and territories. Identity verification (KYC) is only required for bulk traders.

Redeeem Blog

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